Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jon Klassen!!!

The Sunday before last was the reception of the "I see what you say" exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum. I got the chance to meet artists Jon Klassen, Lemony Snicket, Roman Muradov, Christian Robinson and several other great artists. Not to play favorites but Jon Klassen is one of my personal favorite artists, not just in that group of great talent but of all illustrators. If you haven't seen anything he's done or read one of his books, go now and buy, borrow or go to a book store and read it there. He's an unbelievable artist and an even nicer guy in person, very warm, pleasant and open about his work and process. I went with fellow artist Ciaee Ching, another great talent and we met him together. He was nice enough to pose for a couple pictures with us.

Here are photos of Ciaee, Jon and myself and a few from the show itself. Hopefully I won't get sued or anything for sharing with you.

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